Powerful Essential  Oils Supercharged with Precious NONI Seed oil  


Natural Longevity Essestial OilsEssential Oils are the oldest form of medicine known to man and have been used for therapeutic purposes for nearly 6,000 years. The ancient Chinese, Indians, Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans used them in cosmetics, perfumes, and drugs. Many ancient civilizations actually considered them to be far more valuable than gold.

Morinda has taken essential oils to a whole new level of excellence by adding Noni Seed Oil and working diligently with the most reputable suppliers in the world to ensure that the oils we proudly offer are organic, totally pure, unadulterated and chemical-free.

Our essential oils are ethically produced. They are either wild harvested or organically grown in a sustainable manner that does not involve the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Not all essential oils are created equal. Unfortunately, in the todays corporate environment of "make a sale at any cost", many products labeled as pure essential oils are not even close. Since there are no rigorously enforced government labeling standards, it is legal to label a bottle as 100% pure Peppermint oil and then fill 98% of that bottle with an inexpensive carrier oil or other fillers and only add 2% of actual pure Peppermint oil to it.

Producing a true high quality, organic, 100% pure, undiluted essential oil is both expensive and time consuming. It is important to understand that the differences between the oils we proudly offer and something that is neither pure, undiluted, chemical-free or organic, are significant and far outweigh the slight extra cost involved in producing the real oil.

Natural Longevity Essential Oils




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Noni Seed Oil Essential Oils


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Essential Oils, powered by Tahitian Noni

There's one major thing that sets our essential oils apart from anything you'll find on the market today: Tahitian Noni.

Using pure, cold-pressed Tahitian Noni seed oil, Morinda has created therapeutic essential oil blends to address a variety of your body's needs. That means Tahitian Noni Essential Oils add the proven benefits of noni seed oil to the world's finest essential oil sources.


  • Helps you wind down, body and mind
  • Eases stress
  • Calms the mind
  • Relieves tension
  • Featured extracts: lavender, orange, marjoram and cedarwood


  • Relieves soreness and helps sore joints feel better after activity
  • Superb massage oil
  • Perfect for use after light or strenuous activity
  • Featured extracts: peppermint, camphor, birch, lavender, German chamomile and orange


  • Soothes head and neck tension
  • Warming, comforting blend
  • Calms the stressors that could otherwise lead to agitation
  • Featured extracts: peppermint, rosemary, basil, lavender, spearmint, Roman chamomile and bergamot


  • Opens airways and clears congestion
  • Calming, soothing respiratory experience
  • Promotes deeper, fuller breathing
  • Helps oxygen flow freely into the body
  • Featured extracts: camphor, orange, eucalyptus, marjoram, clove bud and niaouli


  • Promotes healthy living, healthy feelings
  • Fresh, invigorating scent
  • Features many applications beyond topical
  • Featured extracts: lemongrass, cinnamon bark, orange, clove bud and eucalyptus


  • Boosts mental acuity and sharpens focus
  • Stimulates the senses for clear thinking
  • Increases brain and circulatory function
  • Improves quality of study and work
  • Featured extracts: pink grapefruit, peppermint, fir, cedarwood and nutmeg

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